Thursday, June 11, 2009

our new diggs

so here is our apartment! we are living on the upper east side, just a couple of of blocks away from central park.
our building

(very small...but it works just great)


our bedroom

living room
(it's bigger than it also has a tv and desk)

i love our area, it is so much fun to walk around and explore. there are a lot of great museums that we want to go to. we are starting our "to do" list.
here are some of them:

1 sail around manhattan & check out the piers
2 flea markets
3 go to the top of the rockefeller center
4 coney island
5 a broadway show
6 go to an upright citizens brigade show
7 go to the manhattan temple
8 statue of liberty/ellis island
9 central park zoo
10 museums ( Met., MoMA, Guggenheim, museum of natural history)
11 take the ikea ferry

on my personal to do list i have:

1 h&m (only 6ish blocks away)
2 farmers' markets
3 yarn stores (string and purl)
4 run a race in central park

any suggestions?

my friend from byu, jess, is living out here right now and came by yesterday. we walked around in central park, we picked up some groceries, and we found an AMAZING looking cupcake store called crumbs. i think i will pick us up a cupcake today for dessert. today i need to find a place to do laundry...that is my goal. i also need to pick up a bath mat.

jacqueline kennedy onassis resevoir in central park



  1. Love it! We are jealous. We miss you, though!

  2. One place you should check out is the New York Public Library. I know I'm not the typical New York visitor, but it's a very impressive building and the reading room is very beautiful. Also, it makes a cameo in Ghostbusters, so that makes it worth it... In all seriousness, it is quite cool, and it's also quite close to the Empire State Building, another one you might want to add to your list.

  3. I would second the NYC Library. It is just amazing. Watch out for the card catalog though...Ghostbusters.
    I just loved walking around the whole city. If I were there I would love to eat breakfast at the Hello Deli with Rupert of "Letterman" fame, get a fabulous treat from Serendipity, spend many afternoons at the Met. Museum (that was my favorite of the ones you've listed)then have dinner at Mesa Grill, and see a great show.


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