Sunday, June 21, 2009

our adventures of late & happy fathers' day

first of all, i want to say happy fathers day! bryan and i have a wonderful fathers. thank you! and i want to give bryan a shout out!!! he is an amazing dad and penelope loves him. thank you bryan!
here is an update of our nyc adventures so far. thank you julie and justin for your advice on activities and we are definitely adding a few of those activities to our "to-do" list! during the week penelope and i keep busy going to central park, running errands and hanging out at home. we had a crazy day on wednesday penelope was playing with my phone in central park and i didn't realize that she had taken it out of my bag and we went home. when we got home i was looking for my phone and my friend jess, who went to the park with us, told me that s
he had seen penelope playing with my phone in the park!!! so, my phone was lost in central park...which was as good as gone forever. jess stayed with p while i went back to the park. as i rounded the corner leading to the part of the park we had been playing in this guy came up to me and said, "did you lose your phone?" i was surprised! i said, " yes! how did you know that?" i guess when i was gone jess had called the phone again and this nice guy and his wife answered it and she let them know i was on my way. we have found the people in new york very nice in general!
this saturday

New york has been a pretty rainy city lately! we decided to go to the american museum of natural history for our saturday activity. it was super cool! we really liked the dinosaurs and we got to go the an exhibit called extreme mammals, which was super cool. i learned a lot. it was rainy and saturday, so it was extremely packed. it was good to get home.

easter island figure. bryan found some cool artifacts from some areas that he served in the marquesis

millipede enlarged!! yuck!

life-size blue whale... remember him from Night at the Museum?

we are working on animal sounds. penelope growls for EVERY animal. for the tiger it is appropriate!


moose or meece? what is the plural for moose? moosen?

last sunday

we went to our new ward for the first time last sunday. everyone was so welcoming. it is a pretty young ward. there are a lot of children penelope's age. bryan's first mission companion is in our ward!!! small world. after church we walked around central park and let p roam...she loves dogs, birds, sticks and rocks, so she was very happy.

penelope running up a path. it is hard to keep up.

bryan chilling out in front of a sweet bridge

crumbs makes delicious cupcakes and cookies...mmmmm!

last saturday

we walked down to the piers and took the ikea ferry to pick up some essentials. it was really fun to see the pier and it was children's day, so they had a lot of fun music and activities going on. we also got to walk down wall street. it was fun to see a new part of NYC.

this is the boat we intend to sail on when the weather is nice. it only costs $25!

penelope pointing to the statue of liberty from the ferry

here we are on the ferry
on the pier
brooklyn bridge



  1. that's crazy- i check your blog & find out you moved across the country! how cool!
    you guys are such a cute family. have fun in new york- live it up!

  2. Well it looks like you guys are certainly making good use of the time you have there! So fun! Penelope is so adorable...she could be a baby model:)

  3. Great stories and great pics to go with!


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