Sunday, June 28, 2009

penny gets free stuff!

ever since we got to new york city penelope has been treated like a queen. she tends to attract a lot of attention. she has gotten a lot of free food from generous people. we were in a gelato and italian pastry shop and the head chef gave her free gelato! we were in a grocery store and the manager/owner, i don't know his title, came up to her and was talking to her and asked me if she likes the fishy crackers? i said that she did and he gave her a container full of fish crackers. and on friday we went to bryan's work to say hi and check out the club monaco sample sale (i got pencil skirts, 1 cashmere sweater, 1 long button up cardigan, a hooded shirt, a belt and a purse all for & $21...YAY!) the girls in the design firm next to bryan's, smart design, saw up walk by and thought she was adorable, so the next time we walked by they all ran out to give her a pack of cookies and a juice box. i don't know why i bother packing a bunch of snacks for her, she gets them all on her own!

i can't believe how big she is getting. she is such an industrious little girl. she likes to take my shopping bags and walk around the apartment filling them full of things she finds within her reach, usually shoes and her own toys, and then she carries them around the apartment. she also likes to load up the little cart we got her at ikea and push it around. BUT the thing she likes the very most is conversing. she will look you square in the eyes and blurt out sentence after sentence, then she will wait for you to respond and then continue talking. if someone is not around, or if i am already talking on the phone, she will grab up an object that looks like a phone and talk on it. she is so much fun!!! and in 1 week she will be 15 months old-crazy! i love you penelope jane.


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  1. how fun! it's always gratifying when your cutie is appreciated! i can't believe she's talking & everything. that is so cute how she plays. finn pretends to use a phone, too, but he just says 'da-da'
    i think i will try the bijou market- let me know what your final verdict is.. but i'm most likely done with the bazaar, unfortunately.


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