Monday, November 26, 2012


 wow. i really didn't want this weekend to end. it was wonderful and long. i ate delicious food, spent time with friends and with my sweet little family. my boy got his hair cut and so did my big girl! it was a big day. i made my ladies hats. i think they look cute, but isla won't keep hers on. oh, and isla recently learned how to take off her shirt. from here on out i can't guarentee any level of modesty from that chick. onsies? we also got out our Christmas decorations. i made a nativity this year, which i'm excited about, but haven't been excited enough to photograph. i guess there's not a whole lot to say... i loved this weekend, but i am SO excited for the next few weeks (aka the best time of the year). here's to a great MONDAY.

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  1. Love the Minerva Tichert in the background! She is my favorite!


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