Thursday, November 29, 2012

nourishing lip balm

 I made this lip balm yesterday and I'm already loving it. my lips have been in really bad shape and I've been wanting to use my essential oils more with my skincare, so i decided to make my own lip treatment. this balm is wonderful on lips and I've been using it on my hands too. I was able to find the coconut oil at Trader Joe's. instead of coconut oil you can use other oils like olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil). i ordered Shea butter and beeswax on you can also use other essential oils, next time i plan to try peppermint oil with lavender for a more tingly lip balm. these are incredibly easy and will make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

2T Beeswax (about 1 oz)
2T Shea butter
2T Coconut oil
1/2 t. Vitamin E oil
5 drops Lavender oil
5 drops Melaleuca (tea tree) oil

1. place beeswax in a glass jar (i used a mason jar)
2. put jar in a sauce pan of boiling water
3. once wax is melted add shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin e oil. 
4. after everything in the jar is melted and well mixed stir in essential oils and pour into your lip balm containers.(you can buy little  jars online here.

I am getting excited about making lotion bars, too.  i might use this recipe.


  1. You are becoming a complete granola You know that if you still lived here we would be doing this together! If you are going to order more oils, call me so I can teach you the smartest way to get your oils. If you do it through a loyalty rewards order, doTERRA will give you points which you can trade in for free oils. :)

  2. How many containers did it fill and what size did you buy ?


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