Monday, November 12, 2012


that little movie clip posted just before this post was something my sweet husband posted as a joke. while i was in england for study abroad i taught primary to a group of children at church every sunday. one of those kids liked to call me "googley eyes."

anyway, this weekend wasn't rainy. or overcast. amazing, i know! it was nice to have a little sunshine. we went to arboretum and ate lunch and bings. it was really nice. we also did a fair amount of laying around and the kids did a fair amount of destroying the house, while i was busy baking, crocheting and reading (mom's deserve a weekend too). now i'm going to go for a run and  then clean up the disaster area that is the my house, but not before i make you look at some pictures.
 the babes

i've been crocheting mistletoe. i have a few more ideas and will probably make another one or two mistletoe before decorating time.  i think i will felt the one above....
 chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting-the flavor of my weekend.
i hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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