Friday, November 2, 2012

bunny hat

Happy friday to you! i'll be eating cupcakes (leftover from halloween) and living large this fine day. here's my little p sporting her bunny hat. penelope asked me a while back to make her a bunny hat she was inspired by the TV show adventure time (it's a weird show) that she watches with bryan. i also make her these mittens, with with pink finger tips and the other with a pink cuff- ASYMMETRY, BAM! 

in other news: i've been disciplined and haven't stolen all my kids' halloween candy. they really shouldn't eat that much sugar though, so when i'm done with my cupcakes, i'll get on that. in our neighborhood they give out full sized candy bars. IT IS the trick-or-treating dreamland of ledgend. when i was young i'd heard of this place, but never believed in its existence.

i hope you all have a great weekend. we are supposed to be having our family pictures taken. pray for us.

ps you should be jealous of my cupcakes. they are better than your mom's.

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