Wednesday, August 15, 2012

last week: the good and the bad

 we waited for 2hours for bryan and me to get our driving licenses. now we need to register our cars...i'm pretty sure that should have happened a while ago.

we went to the splash park by our house twice and to idylwood beach. oh, it was a lovely week. isla is my water baby. 
another little side note on isla, she is now a talker. this news may be a little late in coming, for a few weeks she's been consistent with her "hi" bye" "mom" and "dad".  so fun.


  1. Hi Emily! A fried of your's (Ashlee) sent me to your site, said we'd get along famously ;) We're moving to Issaquah real soon, so it'll be fun to peruse around and see what the area has to offer through your eyes. Love the blog! *B

  2. Um...I still haven't gotten my drivers license yet. So go you!

  3. It looks like you are having a great time in the "great Northwest". But who wouldn't have a great time with Bryan2 and those two cutie girls of yours.
    Love hearing about all you are doing and miss you.


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