Monday, August 13, 2012


it has been beautiful out! it only took seattle the whole summer, but we have sun. i've been a little light on the content here, because we're out trying to enjoy this beautiful summer weather. also, i'm trying to get our house all sorted...

this weekend we went on our first campout. it was with our ward and it was only one night. isla and penelope are so cool, it's like they were built for camping. they slept well and were so fun. we had delicious food, bryan and i stayed out late and stargazed( we definitely got in on that perseids meteor shower-sweet!) and we went canoeing. it was a success. 

 isla is sitting on the floor behind me. can you see her little hat?
 isla enjoyed canoeing--correction: isla loved licking her life vest whilst we canoed.

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  1. A Barbie life vest??!!! I WANT ONE.

    Looks like a really fun trip, and I'm glad you're getting a little sun!


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