Wednesday, August 29, 2012


i made raspberry freezer jam a while back. there are few things that taste better on a piece of bread than raspberry jam. i haven't really been into canning in the past. i may leave the canning door open for the future, but currently i don't have a lot of interest in it. i do like the idea of preserving some goodness by freezing it. i really like the idea of freezing herbs from my herb garden and the fresh blueberries that i will be picking one of these days. does anyone have clever freezer ideas? please share.

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  1. I LOVE freezer jams. I do some canning--I used to do a lot more, but freezer stuff is the EASIEST. We did cherry freezer jam this year, and it turned out delicious, but kind of runny. Whatev. It's tasty, so I don't care if th consistency is a little off!

    I have no clever freezer ideas, I just know that I love freezer berry things.



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