Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy half birthday to isla may

3 days ago our little isla turned 6 months. i can't even express how much we loving having this little girl in our house. we all thing she's pretty much the coolest. we went to her 6 month check-up today and she:

weighs in at 15 lb 4 oz (25-50%) 
measures 27 in long (75-90%)

she wasn't a big fan of the physical. for the next appointment i will try to avoid nap time...

this month isla:
grew 2 teeth
tried rice cereal carrots and bananas
still is showing little interest in being mobile
she likes to sit in her high chair
her sitting up is getting super good and she can sit without help for a little bit (like 5 seconds...)
she's quite the talker
she's very observant and loves watching people
she love being held and cuddled, but who doesn't?
her favorite toys are her rag dolls, rattles and squeeky giraffe
penelope is her bff, she LOVES miss p
her hair is fair and her eyes are greenish, but i suspect that they might not stay that way
she's a sweet and mellow little lady, but she definitely lets us know if she doesn't dig what we're doing

happy half birthday to you, isla may!


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