Monday, November 28, 2011

i am thankful: vol 3

i had planned on posting more lists of what i'm thankful for, but i dropped the ball on that and i wanted to do one more before we plow into christmas schtuff. i have innumerable things to be grateful for and it helps me to put some down on the record.

1. (pictured above) i know i've mentioned these three before, but they are my life.
2. etsy
3. blogspot
4. pbs kids (for a much needed break from parenting-ha ha!)
5. good food
6. hot water
7. my sewing machine
8. trader joes
9. costco
11. prayer
12. scriptures. i just reread this talk and was inspired
13. the opportunity to live in san diego where i am near so many wonderful things to do with my family and where i enjoy near perfect weather year round.
14. tender greens- i may or may not feel a little weird that a restaurant made my list, but it feeds my body and soul:)!

now i'm off to clean up from our suuuper relaxing thanksgiving break.


  1. I love your thankful lists.

    I also love those pictures. You have SUCH a beautiful family!

  2. what beautiful family photos! your daughters are just too cute. :)

  3. I need one of these in a eight by ten to put on the wall so Isla can be in the family pic


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