Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a little celebrating

i can't believe that penelope is 3! this year we didn't really have a party. i was planning on doing one, but things got a little crazy with our sudden trip to utah and life in general. we did have a lot of fun on saturday and maybe we'll do a proper party next year.

i made her crepes for her birthday breakfast and she got to open a few presents. we played with her new toys and had a great morning.

justin (my big bro.) and anna came down to help us celebrate. thanks guys! it was supposed to rain saturday afternoon, but it didn't! we were able to have cake and some snacks in the park and let the kids play. we overate and penelope opened gifts and we watched tangled. it was a lot of fun.

 the sweets!

trying out her new scooter from grandma and grandpa w.

here are the things i made for miss p's big day:

 i usually make her a dress, but i did a skirt this year.

 baby doll with quilt, diapers and wipes

little dolly trio. she really likes the tiny dolls i made her a couple of years ago, so i made her a few more. i think i may add some hair accessories...

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