Wednesday, April 6, 2011

goodbye grandpa

last week + this weekend were a little crazy in the sparks house. we had a lot happen and i neglected the blog. my apologies.

my grandpa passed away last tuesday. it was a little sudden, but he hadn't been in full health for sometime, so i think it was a good thing. he was a great man and really inspired me artistically. he taught art education at my BYU, where i studied studio arts. he was always willing to help me with projects, donate supplies and give feedback. i will miss him, but i know he is in a better place.

i really wanted to go out for the funeral, so we made the trip to utah this weekend. it was great to see family and the funeral was nice. the drive was long, being 35 weeks pregnant did not make matters better in that department. penelope, however, was a gem. and i really appreciate bryan's willingness to go after all his traveling.

this week holds some fun on the list is p turning 3! i have a lot of blogging aspirations for the next few weeks, i am hoping that i am able to get them accomplished, including at least one tutorial and a couple more baby sparks updates (we're getting so close to meeting this little girl, i can't believe it.)

thanks for being such great readers.
xoxo, e


  1. emily, i am so sorry! i had such a hard time when my grandpa died.
    he sounds like such a great guy- how cool that he was an art teacher!

  2. so sad. how awesome that you got to have a real relationship with him, i never really had that with either of mine.

  3. I'm sorry Emily. I'm glad you were able to go. We hope P has a lovely 3rd Birthday!

  4. I'm sorry about your sweet grandpa. :-( I'm glad you were able to come out for the funeral, though.



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