Monday, April 25, 2011

easter fun!

this year for easter we went to our ward's easter egg hunt/bbq/youth fundraiser car wash on saturday. it was fun. we hadn't been out for a while (on account of being sick,) so it was good to get out, socialize and get some fresh air.

i made the super simple yellow skirt she is wearing. i think i will make a few more in different colors...a girl can't have too many play skirts.

the above 3 images taken by ashlee miller...thank you!

the easter bunny came to our house! yay!

we went to sacrament meeting on sunday and then i took penelope home for her and me to get some rest. it was a really wonderful meeting. in the evening we ate lamb and then watched The Testiments...such a great movie. it was a lovely easter, the only thing that would have made it better would be less of the cough/runny nose stuff. i DO think we are on the mend though...

this is the easter dress i made p. i know it should be pastel/springy colors, but i let her pick the fabric and i think she looks great.


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  1. what an adorable dress! and her hair looks so prety, too :)


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