Friday, June 28, 2013

sleep shorts, heat and other things

 The summer is upon us! I know many places have been enjoying (or not) warm temps for a while now, but Seattle has just gotten the message. today is hot. There are a few factors that make 80 degrees hot.  Most homes, ours included, do not have air conditioning. So, dealing with heat is quite strategic. We open the windows at night and turn on the fans. we cool down the house as much as possible at night and then we lock down the place in the morning, shutting windows and curtains. The second factor that I will mention is that we are experiencing a lot of humidity....i don't know if this is normal for the area, but we are at 60% humidity and I can feel it.  I made the girls sleep shorts with some scrap cotton fabric I had and I am hoping that they will help with the heat through the summer.

A new trend that has popped up recently in our house is playing, "The Jungle Book". Basically, Mowgli is the bomb and has my kids running around in their underwear/diaper and find caves to hide in... it gets cute.  On top of this crackers are Isla's new favorite snack, but she can't say "cracker". What she says sounds a whole lot more like, "the queen mother of dirty words," as Ralphy calls it in A Christmas Story. So, my baby is scampering about naked, shouting profanities and trying to find the "cave" that her, also naked, sister is hiding in.  Like I said, it gets fun.

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