Friday, June 7, 2013

When grandma and grandpa come to town

 We were fortunate to have the sparks (and tanner or "nanner" if you are isla) visit us last week. We had a fun time. It is really nice to have family visit and the girls were so happy to have their grandparents in town. here are some of the things that we did:

1. Penelope's very first dance recital. It was precious. Penelope announced to her dance class that her grandparents would be at her recital. I don't think they were the only grandparent there, but i think they traveled the farthest.
 2) We took a ferry to Bremerton and played around there for the day.

 3) We went to a Seattle Mariners game. Mariners won, so that was sweet. We were playing the Padres, and i probably would have been cool with them winning. I have split loyalties.

4) We went to Pike Place and checked out the Gum Wall-yuck.

 5) We took public transit.
 6) We went spent a night and a day in Levinworth, a bavarian village. It was cute and the sausage and pretzels were amazing. They had, like, 50 kinds of mustard!

Thanks for the good memories Kerry, Tami and Tanner!

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