Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

I know Easter was on Sunday, but I'm just incredibly slow at getting anything done these days. We had a really great Easter weekend. on Friday we had Penelope's Birthday party (i will blog about that crazy day later). On Saturday we went to 2 Easter egg hunts. Also, I bought myself cacti. i can't seem to keep anything living in this house, excepting the human occupants and some creepy crawly things. i thought i might try out a cactus, so i bought 4. i will post pictures and we can start bets on which will be the first to... bite the dust. Back to point, on Sunday we went to Church. It was a beautiful day and we had dinner on our deck with the Taylors. it was really such a nice day. i am so grateful for the fun times we had, but i am mostly grateful for my knowledge that Christ truly was resurrected. He lives.

Here are a few pictures from our Easter festivities:

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