Saturday, April 6, 2013

Penelope's Pizza Birthday party

For Penelope's 5th Birthday party we had a pizza party. we had the kids build their own pizzas and then we ate the pizzas. there were some games and presents and cupcakes. it was really fun. having 10 kids between 3 and 5 years old was...intense. we survived.
i made a few decorations with cardstock and my trusty Bernina.

I made an apron for each of the kids to use and take home. 
Birthday girl.
Here's the pizza dough and sauce. before the party i divided the dough into 4oz balls and let them raise. i stretched each dough out for the kids and bryan put the sauce on. we let the kids to their own topping. if i were to do this again i would have made a couple of plain cheese pizzas for the kids who got a little excited about the topping forgetting that they would be the ones to eat the pizza...

Bryan did the games. He is amazing.


  1. Seems like everyone enjoyed the food. Who would dare ignore a pizza, anyway! But I think it is the pizza making activity which gets the little guests. It was like playing cook, and unlike with their toys, they get to eat their masterpieces. Is this Penelope's idea herself? :) Carlene@IncrediblePizzaIndy

  2. We also allowed the little ones to make their own pizza when we celebrated my daughter's birthday last week. I can't forget their excitement when I told them that they can have whatever toppings they want as long as they can eat it. Well, I guess I can still have the same activity for next year’s party. Not for my daughter, but for my husband. What d'you think?


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