Tuesday, March 12, 2013

heeere comes trouble

isla's new name is Trouble.
favorite word: NO
favorite parent: DADDY
second favorite family member: "SEESSY"
favorite place to be: ANYWHERE SHE SHOULDN'T BE (usually teetering on the back and arms of the sofa, leaning precariously far over the loft railing and shouting, pounding on the keyboard, or in my craft subblies).
favorite past time: WHATEVER "SEESY" IS DOING. also, emptying out my coin, bead and button jars is an acceptable pastime.

but seriously, isla is so funny, spirited and enjoyable. i can't get mad at her, which is probably why she is so mischievous. she is a great conversationalist, she has PLENTY to talk at me about while P is off at school.

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