Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The white's visit

my parent and little sister cam for a visit a couple of weeks ago. we went to pikes place. i really like pikes, so i have no problem going there with all our guests. this time we went to pike place chowder-amazing. don't try their crab roll, the chowder is where it's at. i could eat any of their chowders all day any day and i'm not a huge soup fan.

we had a picnic and played at carkeek park. i like to say that, "carkeek." it is a beautiful park on the puget sound. found many shells, skipped rocks, watched the train and had a grand time.

 penelope really enjoyed this giant yellow swing and isla really enjoyed eating an oreo, the proof of which is all over her face.

 the beautiful megan was enjoying the great northwest for the first time (i'm not counting her visit when she was probably isla's age).

 we also struggled through a pretty sad BYU game. ate at burger master and pomegranate bistro. i loved having them visit. i was starting to get a little lonely out here. thank you mom, dad and megan for making the trip.

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