Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the sparks visit

we were so fortunate as to have kerry and tami sparks and tanner lemmon visit us this last weekend. it was too short. we loved having them here. kerry helped bryan install the sink and toilet in the powder room and they look fantastic. we had previously stripped the wall paper, painted and bryan installed new hardwood flooring. i will tell you more about our home updates later. also, there has been the heaviest tv in the universe upstairs in our room since we moved in. bryan and his dad moved that sucker. wahoo. now we have the heaviest tv in the universe in our garage. progress, right?

i was really clever and ran 9 miles right befor we went to pikes place market. so, i spent my day not trying to collapse on my sore knees (getting old is the pits). we went to the seattle aqaurium for the first time ever. i just love aquariums and this one was a great aquarium. after that we ate fish at ivar's. i really do love seattle.

we also had some chill time. we had a root beer tasting contest (including 9 varieties of root beer), we struggled through another sad BYU game, we watched movies and chatted.

thanks tami, kerry and tanner for making the trip. you will be missed.


  1. i love that little hat your girl is wearing! adorable :)

  2. P's hat may just be the cutest one you have ever made. I will be ordering one of my own when you are ready to sell them! Thanks for the USC hat too! I think it will be a hit!


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