Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween 2012!

this year we settled on superhero costumes for halloween. i have to say that i wish i'd done these a little different. i do think the capes and the gold pants turned out cute and will be used again. i hope to get some better pictures outside this afternoon if it ever stops raining...

i am excited about tonight. we are going to eat chili, bread sticks and cupcakes while we watch a halloween movie. also, there will be trick or treating and  potentially a homemade donut party at a friend's house. yum!

in other halloween news:
1-we have some decorations, halloween decorations that is. we do have more, but i didn't take pictures of those.
2-we also painted pumpkins and i may post those later....
3- we got lost in a corn maze. we made it out....barely.


  1. i love these! they are so cute! those little girls of yours... i wish we lived closer to you and could play...

  2. Cute kids and costumes! Isla has hair! And it's blonde...adorable!

  3. You are soooo creative and have the cutest little heros...and Bryan, too.


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