Monday, July 9, 2012

pinned: a reading corner

i have been thinking about how we will set up the kids' playroom. i am sure i want to do some kind of reading tent/corner in the playroom or the bedroom. i've been dreaming of this forever, but the space was always too tight in san diego for it to become a reality. here are some ideas from pinterest.
i know i pinned this one forever ago, but it might be my favorite and i would get to practice my ombre dying... fun! pinned

or this little hideaway could make use of the lower closet area. pinned

love the thinking corner idea and that HUUUGE pilla'. pinned

or a teepee style tent. pinned

here's another closet conversion. i love the light and the shelves. pinned

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  1. great ideas. except the teepee tent, realistically, they will knock it over, and over and over. just talking from experience. lol. (unless you find a way to make it out of uber-heavy sticks)


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