Monday, July 2, 2012

phil and laurel

we flew to LA this weekend for my brother phil's wedding. it was a rushed weekend, but is was so fun. we got to see my family and most importantly, we got to see phil married to his sweetheart. the wedding and the reception were both beautiful. we got lost and stuck in traffic, so we were late to the reception, which was sad, but we still got time to celebrate the happy couple. here are a few shots of the weekend.

 penny, bryan and some of the group went to a dodger's game and got to see a fireworks show. i stayed to help my mom get ready for the wedding day lunch. 
 are they cute or what!

 my people at the wedding

 this picture makes me laugh. i really wanted to get a picture of isla with my parents and this is what we got...

 watching the airplanes
this was our first flight with the kids and they were both champs. snacks, headphones and new toys helped immensely. however, if they flight were any longer, we may have been in big trouble.

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  1. 1. I LOVE your family.
    2. Congrats to Phil and Laurel!
    3. Your girls dresses are adorable. I'm assuming you made them? Good job.


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