Thursday, July 5, 2012

our fourth

 we had a great fourth, any day that bryan stays home is a great day! we started the day with a yummy brunch at a pancake house. we went to the park by our house and played. the weather hasn't been great and our park days have been few and far between. it's supposed to be getting better-three cheers for that.
 after the park we went home and i don't really know what happened, because i was in a food comma for over two hours. around seven we went to the sammamish city fourth of july celebration. we got in on some great food, music, games and fireworks.

 elephant ears

isla freaked out when the fireworks started, so she cuddled with me the whole time. it was a good show.

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  1. Holy cow! The girls are getting so BIG!! Penny's hair is so long and gorgeous.


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