Wednesday, May 30, 2012

disneyland and other california things

hello from redmond! i am sitting at my computer here in our corporate housing, which i am super grateful for, wishing we had a place to live. we have been crazy obsessed house hunters for the past few weeks and i am plum tuckered out. does anyone know where the phrase tuckered out came from? is tuck a person? anyway, i already miss california and so does miss P. it is beautiful here and i know that once we are more settled and explore a bit more we will start really loving it here-fingers crossed.

here are a few pictures from before we left san diego.

we thought we might do disneyland one more time before leaving. justin and anna joined up for one of the days we were there. i am so sad to be leaving SoCal and part of the reason is that J&A won't be as close....BOO!

saying goodbye to our apartment complex. this place was a good home. 
 we took one last trip to the san diego zoo. we will truly miss the zoo. there were times when we were going to the zoo every week. we will miss it! 

 you know those things that zoos and other attractions scatter about for the sole purpose of kids being photographed on and around them? well, penelope insisted on being photographed on all of them while we were at the zoo. here they are:

we did a little pre-party for isla before we left. we had a feast at J&A's new house and ate mass quantities of costco's chocolate cake. 



  1. How sad we are that you are so far away now!!! Makes me tear up every time I think about it. Good thing we'll see you in a month.

  2. Go eat at serious pie in Seattle. You will love it. I miss you all the time.

  3. Cute pictures.

    Moving is so hard, especially when you're leaving a place you really, really loved. You are so great at finding the good in any situation, and exploring all the fun opportunities, I'm sure you'll start loving your new place in no time!!


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