Tuesday, March 13, 2012

harlequin throw: in progress

for a few years i've wanted to try a harlequin pattern afghan and i'm finally doing it! this is proof that dreams can really come true.

i am making this throw for our front room. i have been working on it a little at a time and at this pace it probably won't be done until 2013, but maybe i will surprise myself. i am using red hart soft yarn. i usually steer clear of red hart brand, but i've really started to like some of their colors and they are very affordable. we will see how this throw stands the test of time.

in other news:

isla is now pulling herself to standing and is sometimes crawling in a normal stance...go baby go!

i made this recipe for sunday dinner (we love rumbi's and can't get it here) with this and it was SO delicious. i may share pictures of this success later.

i am rereading a tale of two cities. it is slow going, but i really liked it the first time around. here's to hoping that my high-school self wasn't more patient than my current self.

"mom, i have six fingers and nineteen toes!" someone come and teach p to count. ha ha. she is actually a really good counter, so she must be like her mom by doing some creative counting.


  1. BEAUTIFUL afghan. I love the colors, and the pattern is gorgeous. You are amazing.


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