Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dried bananas

bryan gave me a dehydrator a while ago. i haven't used it much, but i am hoping to rectify that.

bryan went on a campout with the scouts in our ward. i sent a bunch of bananas with them to eat with their breakfast and everyone of those bananas returned to me, hmmm. anyway, we had an excess of bananas in the house and i was thinking of all the banana bread i would have to make to use all of them when i remembered my dehydrator. bryan, penelope and i cut the bananas, dipped them in lemon water and loaded up the dryer. it was a fun family activity. they drying was supposed to take 8-10hrs, but our dryer is a champ and took 20...

now we have gobs of banana chips. yum. i am storing in them in these small glad containers, they are a good size to take around with us in my purse.

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  1. They are even better if you sprinkle a little cinammon on them before drying! MMMM. :)


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