Tuesday, February 28, 2012

penelope's hair

enter penelope's hair:

it is long
it is beautiful
it curls at the ends
it is a rich brown like her daddy's
it is my nemesis

penelope has always been well blessed with hair. penelope loves her hair. she get's so many complements on it. i don't mean to make anyone in our family feel bad...
but penelope does have nice hair and everyone loves it. everyone but me. The Hair has it out for me. i would like to cut it. shhh. don't tell anyone (bryan or penelope) or they might burst into tears. i am thinking of taking the sheers to The Hair in the middle of the night when they are all fast asleep...

the combing and the washing and the brushing and the doing of the hair, along with the weeping & wailing that accompany all of these steps will bring an end to this mother. and if i can't have her's cut, i may just do something drastic.


  1. My daughter finally decided to chop off her locks up to her shoulders (from below her waist)and I have been silenty thanking my lucky stars ever since! There is nothing quite like the look of horror you get as you near them with the hairbrush. And the tears/agonizing screams/absolute terror that follow are just awful. Nevermind my daughter's reaction, that was all just me! Rest assured, I share(d) your pain! I literally laughed out loud as I was reading this post, and nodding my head in agreement. I needed that today! Just remember... you are not alone! Hahaha. Happy Tuesday! :)

  2. her hair is beautiful - you're right. but i totally understand! ruth's hair is getting long now, and as pretty as it is, it frustrates me often. i just can't seem to do it up pretty for her. and even now, at almost 37, i can't seem to do my hair in cute styles either! its either down, or in a ponytail. and so is ruth's. :)

  3. Ha ha ha!! Poor, bald baby!! Never fear, Kate was totally bald until she was two and now she has the most beautiful, luxurious hair you've ever seen.

    You may want to leave the scissors out where P might consider starting the job? Just a thought...


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