Thursday, February 23, 2012

english muffins please!

penelope's favorite breakfast at the moment is english muffins with a banana. she calls the english muffins round toasts and she always comes to me saying, "hey mom, i got a deal (i have a plan). we can have round toasts for breakfast." we make lot's of deals at our house :).

in my bread book by peter reinhart there is an english muffin recipe and i decided to give them a try. i bought the crumpet rings like 3 months ago and i FINALLY made them yesterday. they are seriously good! i will definitely be making them again. i may want to get more rings though, because i can only cook 4 at a time and they take 24 min... so making 2 or 3 batches can take time- not a ton of work, but time.

here is the recipe i used from artisan breads everyday
2 t. honey
1 T. vegetable or olive oil
1 1/2 c. milk
2 2/3 c. bread flour (i used all purpose and they were great)
1 1/4 t. kosher salt
2 t. yeast
1/4 t. baking soda
3 T. warm water
cornmeal for dusting

add honey and oil to milk. in a bowl whisk flour, salt and yeast. add milk to flour mixture and mix until flour is hydrated. scrape down bowl and mix for a few more seconds. scrape down bowl, cover with plastic and store in fridge overnight or for up to 4 days.

on baking day take dough our 2 hours before you plan to bake. preheat your griddle pan or cast iron skillet on medium-high heat or 300 degrees. to right before baking mix baking soda and water and fold gently into dough.  mist pan and the insides of your crumpet rings with spray oil. dust pan and the insides of your crumpet rings with cornmeal. pour 1/3 c. of dough in each ring filling it 2/3 full. cook 12 min on each side. wait 30 min before cutting and eating.
i have seen a lot of people using this recipe from peter reinhart that does NOT require crumpet rings. 
i am off to eat an english muffin and then we are off to the library. we will have story/singing time and then i am going to pick up A Tale of Two Cities, a book i haven't read since high school. i'm excited. have a good thursday!

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