Wednesday, February 8, 2012

isla is 9 months!

here's my 9 month old.

we went to see dr. H today. and everything looks great with our little lady.

fun facts on isla may:
she's in the 75% in height and the 25% in weight.
isla has 4 teeth on the top now, so 6 teeth altogether!
she's scooting backwards and can get up on all fours, but has yet to crawl.
chatter box- ba ba ba. ma ma ma. da da da. mmmmmmmm. ah.
she loves blueberries, oranges, rice cereal and oatmeal.
penelope is the one who can make her laugh the hardest.
loves going jogging and on walks with mom.
likes bubbles and swinging at the park.
she loves to take baths with p and she can sit up all by herself.
i love having little conversations with her.

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