Thursday, July 21, 2011

torture time

those who are parents, and probably many who aren't, know about this thing they (the DR.s) call "tummy time." i think "tummy time" sounds way too nice a term. the DR. says they (the baby) need it to strengthen their neck and eventually turn over. So, as a parent i am obligated to endure watching my baby freak out on her tummy for 10 min. i guess some babies might like it, but neither of mine have.

i usually only make isla do it once a day, because i can't handle watching her little head get redder and redder,  her limbs flailing around in a desperate panic, and let's not forget the screaming more than one time a day. it's like a little mommy/daughter torture time.


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  1. Oh man! This cracks me up. It was torture for my little guy too.


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