Tuesday, July 26, 2011

on a happier note...


 i just realized that the picture up on my blog ALL weekend was one of my baby crying...sad face. i apologize. here are some pictures from the weekend with my happy family.

notes from the weekend:

1-this is the best fajita recipe i've used yet. yum!
2- my frozen yogurt turned out great! i blended up the homemade yogurt with some sugar, strawberries and blueberries and then stuck it in the ice cream maker and out came a very refreshing treat for a hot day.
3- i will NEVER make mac and cheese in the crock pot again. i've done it 3 times (with 3 different recipes) and it is just better baked. my cheese and milk always curdle and it looks like yuck! the flavor is fine, but i really don't dig the chunky mac and cheese.  i am sure there are people out there who have mastered it, in my kitchen it's three strikes and you're out!
4-isla is getting better at putting herself to sleep. which makes me happy. she used to need to be walked around, rocked or bounced to get to sleep. but for a few naps she's done it solo, with i tiny bit of fussing.
5- this is my favorite spot for fish in SD.
6- i am feeling more ready for the queen bee market on aug 6th. i will have enough product and a few new designs. i may not have as much as i would like, but i'm less productive with 2 babes and it is ok.
7- alma 26:11-12 have been on my mind. what a wonderful testament: "...in His strenghth I can do all things."

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