Monday, July 18, 2011


on thursday i turned 27. i don't have many thoughts about that... but i am feeling extremely blessed. i have a wonderful family and friends. 

my two girls are the cutest kids EVER.  isla's going through a bit of a fussy time in her life and i've had the chance to hold her quite a lot. this gets cumbersome at times, but i get a lot of little intimate moments with her and i can't take that for granted. she is getting so big, so fast and before i know it she'll be 3 and wanting to be totally independent of my other little. i am grateful that penelope is so good at entertaining herself and playing with the neighborhood kids. it makes my life easier. i am also grateful that she is obedient and a very happy girl.

to celebrate my birthday bryan brought home delicious take out from tender greens-my current favorite place to eat! and b totally spoiled me with some goodies from my favorite store. i didn't feel like eating cake, but i did make myself a few thisng i did feel like eating.

here are the treats i made for my b-day:

moolicious ice cream- recipe here.

this is serious vanilla ice cream. it's my go to vanilla recipe. it is very rich, because of the custard base, and extremely delicious. it doesn't get icy and hard if you need to store leftovers in the freezer. i will never stop making this one, but i am thinking i will try a lighter ice cream next time...maybe guava?!?

pane al cioccolato-italian chocolate bread. recipe here.

i was craving the chocolate bread at con pane. SO, since i'm trying to become a bread master, i thought i would try my hand at making it myself. this recipe turned out great! i let my dough do the first rise in the fridge overnight and the second rise i let it go 4hrs instead of 3. it tasted amazing, and with no fats added (excepting the chocolate chips) and only 1/4 c honey, i didn't feel guilty eating it in large amounts :).

i will make this one again and again and again and again..... you get the idea.

side note: i am laughing at myself, because on the blog it seems like the only things i eat are sweets. this is not the case. i do love sweet treats...more than i should...but i also like making and eating healthy dishes as well.

i hope you all had a great weekend.

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