Friday, December 17, 2010

it's a girl...they think

we went in for our 20 week checkup yesterday. i was so blissed out, because i was sure i would leave knowing the sex of the baby...

1hr later we walked away with an "i think it's a girl baby..." for our answer. the baby was not giving anything up willingly and we didn't even get a good profile picture. we did get a picture of her (?) foot. the great news is that the baby is very healthy and measuring right for a may 8th due date. i gained much more weight this gain=10 lb yikes.

i am starting to get excited about having another girl (?). i was kind of hoping it would be a boy, just so that i could have one of each. growing up i ALWAYS wanted a big sister though (i had 4 brothers and i was the only girl for 14 years.) SO, i am glad that she (?) will have a good big sister (penelope) to look up to and play with. i also really love making baby girl things.

 bryan ordered me these cookies as a is more like 75 % sure it's a girl silly boy!
bryan is insistent that i not make or buy anything for a girl until we are more sure. bummed. but i am a lucky girl and have a super SWEET uncle who is willing to do another ultrasound for us this sunday! yay! i will update you on that later. all those who guessed girl here or on facebook will get a free hair clip! i will wait, however, to do this until after the follow-up ultrasound.

 and here i am 3 days shy of 20 weeks



  1. Congratulations! I can not believe you are already 20 weeks and that you've gain 10 lbs. You don't look it. I've gain 10 lbs and look like I swallowed at beach ball, check out my 23 week pic at
    The cookies are sooo cute.

  2. Love those cookies!
    You don't look pregnant, I think I said that last pic too! :)
    20 weeks, 2nd baby...come on now, that's just not fair:)

  3. Ha Ha!! Love the cookies. Bryan is awesome.


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