Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a christmas wishlist

along with some yummy cooking books and my wish for a fruit fly free home. they have really invaded and i can't seem to get rid of them, if they could just die it would be a christmas miracle. here are a few items i've been dreaming about for christmas...

 any of the purses from crazy boy would do...really reasonably priced too!

i still would really like an instax. bryan is saying no to this one though. maybe i will get it for my birthday or mothers day... dreaming.

i would love either of these fun lace-ups from anthropologie..they are out of my size though :(.

some new heels... i love these chelsea crew shoes still.

 a beautiful flower throw pillow in my favorite colors. i think i may just order the red and white one for the holidays!
some cute bunchy tights by duende74

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  1. fun list, I just got the instax for an early christmas gift and am very excited..hope your hubby changes his mind soon!..have you tried a bit of vinegar in a dish to rid the fruit flies? I had a ton a few months back that were driving me nuts and a little dish of apple cider vinegar on the counter was the trick they love it and go for a little swim :) good luck!


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