Monday, December 6, 2010

birds of a feather

i have been trying to make an ornament each year for each member of our family. this year's ornaments have not been completed, but we are planning on doing it for family night tonight. we are doing origami cranes...bryan is going to be our teacher. here are the ornaments i made for the last 2 years.

 owls of 2008
 birds of 2009
sewing pattern found here
also, don't you love the ruffled garland i made for the tree? it was super easy. i just sewed strips of white fabric together, gathered and then sewed down the middle to keep the gathers in place. it ties in nicely with my tree skirt.


  1. Such cute decorations for your tree! Oh and p.s. you don't look pregnant AT ALL! Where are you hiding that baby and all the extra stuff in your uterus? ;)

  2. Very cute! Where did you get the pattern for the birds of 2009? I've tried making birds like that, but mine always look funny :P

  3. the sewing pattern is from spool. here is the link! thanks!


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