Saturday, June 5, 2010

spring bijou 2010 & vol II of trip pictures

the bijou market went up roughly 12 hours ago and came down approximately 2 hours ago.

what a fun day! i bought way more than i should met some really rad peeps and caught up with some pals from long ago. i feel happy and very tired.
katie at notes from a very red kitchen posted some pictures of the event on her blog here.
here is a picture she took at my booth.

here are a few more pictures from our trip:

little seester megan after her 6th grade graduation

p and my bro zach at his H.S. graduation

p & me at the graduation

phil at the airport after the long flight from sweden (second on the left.)

in other news i will be heading home in a couple of days. it has been a good trip. i have really loved seeing my little brother again and i love that he speaks swe-english. after my days with him i have decided that he's gonna be A-OK. he definitely has his head on straight. i am wishing him good luck with his new job and upcoming year at BYU. girls, go get 'em.

when we left utah & moved to sunny sd i was really nervous and didn't know what i would do with out my family being so close. however, i have felt very lost being without my other half. bryan seriously completes me and makes my life as a mom 100% easier. i am happy to be going home.

here's something i picked up for my sweets at bijou from kantan designs



  1. Thanks for the link! I loved your booth!

  2. i totally bought the same poster. :) it was so great to meet you!


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