Wednesday, June 2, 2010

picture time

here is the first installment of pictures from our trip.

this girl turned 12! i cannot believe how old my little sis is.

we went up to hooper and enjoyed some time with the sparks fam. we quilted a VERY retro polyester quilt pieced by bryan's great-grandma (pictures to come.) i will just tell you that i am glad joann's still carries a few bolts of polyester fabric right out of the 70's.

we went to the hill aerospace museum-p LOVES planes

while quilting we found this treasure HAND STITCHED by bryan's grandmother. this quilt inspires me & i love pretty much everything about it.

tanya & i are thinking of dividing it and making a quilt with this quilt framed in the center, because we both love it equally and want in on the beauty.

ps i have been having some serious camera fails, but i hope to have graduation pictures of megan & zach, airport pictures of my long lost brother now returned and speaking a hybrid of swedish & english, and memorial day pics.

krystal did post a pic of p at their memorial day bbq here. thanks for having us over swans!


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