Monday, June 21, 2010

last week

last week's list of happenings.

1. we looked for a new car
which is an activity i would rather not be a part of...but in the end it will be worth it:).

it was our first time having traditional korean barbeque and it was oh, so tasty. we enjoyed the meal with a couple of friends from bryan's work, bryan calo & jennifer. jennifer ordered for us in korean, which was totally rad.

it was also fun to have a more interactive dining experience. penelope behaved herself pretty well for having gone car shopping for the better part of the day.

thank yous to bryan calo for the photos

4. the zoo

we went to the zoo with tira and her boys. we had a blast riding the skifari and checking out polar bear plunge for the first time.

5. library

we joined the summer reading program and went to our usual story/song time at our neighborhood's branch of the library.

6. our pool

i think that's enough said for that event..oh, and our swimming buddies were very fun to have over:)!

3. YW party

we had a pool party with my young women
action shot



  1. I miss you so, I will see you soon!!! July 23

  2. we had so much fun at the zoo! and storytime! p.s. i love those tie tacks.

  3. Your daughter is the cutest little thing! You guys make cute cute kids!


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