Monday, February 15, 2010

welcome to california

my parents came to california to visit us and my brothers family living in riverside, ca! it was so much fun. i guess it has only been a little over a month since we last saw them, but it was really fun to have them see out new home and play with us for a few days! here are some pics.

here they are all the way from utah, i think they were ok getting away from all that snow for this. the weather was 70 an sunnnnnny!

grandma white & p

Grandma and grandpa with their 3 grandkiddos & the beautiful megan

josh & penelope talking ofter the next renovations on their hole in the sand

justin and anna's cute family

ZZZAAAACCCCCH! watch out ladies.

and my girl! she LOVES the water.

and running...

we went to the zoo and saw many animals. it was the first time i got to see the pandas, so i was pretty stoked about that.

megan with panda

it was a long day:)!

on sunday we went to church and saw the temple. here is p in her v-day skirt and ruby reds!

thank you mom, dad, megan and zach! we had a blast.



  1. What a fun trip! I want to come visit:) This Idaho winter is killing me!

  2. Visiting grandchildren is the BEST.


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