Monday, February 8, 2010

customers vol. 1

i just discovered the customer appreciation pictures part of my etsy store.... i know i am a bit dense! but i wanted to post some of the cute people wearing my wears!

here is my gorgeous sister-in-law myleka wearing one of my slouchy berets

this photo was taken by a wonderful photographer in canada, aneca photography. isn't this just the cutest, the headband it one of the 3 strand flat flower headbands in cream!

this photograph was taken by photographer nicole carman. it is a picture of her mom and she is wearing my pear green mini-scarf & looks absolutely beautiful in it.

this pretty lady is also a photographer who works out in florida, ali green of lollipop photography. she is wearing a b&w blooming slouchy

the cutie above is the daughter of my friend jennifer b. and she is wearing a flapper in yellow and a 3 strand blooming hb in teal

this is lora form eagerhands looking cute in a chunky slouchy in denim.

if you happen to be reading this and own something i made i would LOVE to see the pictures, so send them my way! thanks.



  1. aww. thanks for including my photo! i am telling everybody about your shop. i love my hat so much!!

  2. i am honored to be added....I am soo in LOve with all of your products. they are all so beautiful


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