Wednesday, November 25, 2009

welcome to the family Graham

bryan's little sister tanya and her hubby nelson welcomed a new addition to their family! they decided to have a c. section because of some medical difficulties and i am sure she is glad she didn't have to deliver a 9lb baby naturally..ha ha! he is SO cute, congrats tanya and nelson! HERE HE IS:

Graham Gerald Strong
born November 12, 2009
9lbs, 20in.

penelope found baby graham's eyes right away!

here is grandma tami with the baby for the first time. only kerry got to go see baby graham in the hospital, because the hospital only allowed 2 visitors, so they asked the 2 grandpa's to come.

i made him this crib/play quilt! i got the pattern out of amy butler's little stitches...the book i get SO many great baby patterns. it was my very first quilt and i machine quilted it myself. it was quite a learning experience and i am sure my next quilting experience will be better! i think it turned out cute, but it does have a number of flaws...


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  1. Graham is such a handsome name! And what a cutie!!

    I think your quilt is gorgeous. Good job!!


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