Thursday, November 5, 2009

my fam

we had jefra take our family pictures. i think they turned out great! here is a sneak peek! she has even MORE here.

tah dah!

my sweet penelope

i can't even believe penelope is 19 months old. she is so curious and so busy. she is learning SO much. i feel like she is learning new words every day. her dancing makes me smile and her laugh makes me MELT! she is my FAVORITE....

some of her funnys:

she used to call bryan daddy, and then she called him doggy, and now she calls him bryan.

when she wants you to leave so that she can do something naughty she says, "bye" and then she blows you kisses.
she loves to go on drives in the "caa" (a
lways said while signing the work car VERY vigorously --pretending to steer the steering wheel.)

she likes to stand on the couch and say "one," "two" and then she falls, trust-fall style, on the couch. she also likes to jump on the bed and i wish she knew the 10 little monkeys song...

when you are on the phone she pretends to be on the phone too...but louder....always louder.

and here she is:

here are a few of just us 2...bryan is still the hottest boy i know! i think he is super handsome in these pics. i think he wishes he had more time to grow out the hair...but byu doesn't agree. ps bry graduates in december!!! wahoo!!!

he doesn't like this one cuz he thinks he looks like he is in a daze....but this is MY blog and i get to pick the pictures and i say it is cute.



  1. Emily, you are GORGEOUS. Bryan is a doll, and Penelope is SO SO SO cute. What a beautiful family!! LOVE the pictures.

  2. you guys make such a cool/cute family! i love the pictures.

    (and, i have to say i was excited to notice the
    dolly, i am glad it's coming through all right!)

    penelope is so adorable. it is such a fun age.

  3. Those are fabulous pictures, Emily! I think Penelope has the sweetest looking face I have ever seen. And you and Bryan make a fantastic looking couple! You guys should be in a magazine!!

  4. oh! i love seeing them here. you guys were so much fun.


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