Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween pictures!!!

here are some pictures i took on Halloween. i made up penny's boo costume and megan's masquerader costume! i learned that i have a lot to learn about sewing... but it was a lot of fun. it was a fantastic day we ate homemade spudnuts and apple fritters and went trick or treated. penelope had a blast!

the beautiful megan

the adorable penelope!

they paraded at megan's elementary school

we went to pumpkin land in orem and had fun at the petting zoo, maze and pumpkin patch!



  1. What a cute costume, Emily! Penelope totally reminds me of the baby from Monsters Inc...that's probably why you had her dress up as it:) I think you did an awesome job making that. I will repeat myself and say again how amazingly talented you are!!

  2. Pretty much the cutest pictures ever. I swear, Emily, you come up in conversations I have over here every other day. Everyone's always wanting to know where I got my diaper bag and I tell them how AMAZING you are! :)

  3. Emily her costume turned out so cute!!!! She is so adorable.


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