Monday, July 20, 2009

little mermaid & times square

this saturday we all headed down to time square to get discount tickets for a broadway show! it was a tough decision, but we decided to see the little mermaid. while we were at time square we got to do a little exploring and saw the m&m store, ripley's believe it or not, the hershey's store and many flashing lights.

jess watched penelope for us while we went to the show. it was a really fun show. the set and the costumes were all really well done. it was bryan's first broadway experience and he gave it a thumbs up!

in time square they have broadway shut down to traffic and have a bunch of folding chairs for people to relax in. the permanent furniture will be installed in august!

here's a picture of penelope playing. she really likes to try to dress herself and i think her sense of fashion is just great! she has her swim suit on over her shorts and tank top and has 1 shoe. so cute!

last week we had character drawings done of the family in battery park. bryan's and penelope's look great...i am not the biggest fan of mine..ha ha. we thought it was fun and they weren't meant to look just like us.


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  1. I love Penelope's style too! It's so fun when they start dressing themselves:)


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