Monday, July 13, 2009

lady liberty and the doughnut plant

on saturday we embarked for the statue of liberty. we decided to first check out the best donut in nyc ... the doughnut plant. we got a fresh blueberry, cocoanut cream filled, blackberry jam filled, and a blackout. these donuts lived up to their reputation. they were delicious. they tasted really fresh and not too heavy. mmmm. i am dreaming of them right now. too bad they are way down by china town (literally.) we then took a bus to wall street and walked to battery park from there.

penelope got to sit in her own seat on the bus and she thought it was pretty cool

NY stock exchange

trump building
on the right is a sculpture that was in the plaza of the world trade center before 9-11 and is now on display at battery park, as a memorial, temporarily. you can tell that it has been really mangled. on the left is the bull that EVERYONE needs to get a picture with. we didn't even try. we got our tickets to the statue & ellis island and boarded the ferry.

here are a few pictures of us on the ferry on our way to the statue of liberty.

penelope really wanted to push her stroller around a bit when we got off the ferry.

it was a really cloudy and windy day.

here is a panoramic shot from lady liberty that bryan but together (it looks way better bigger.)

we ended up missing the last boat leaving to ellis island, so we didn't get to go there. we were both a little disappointed, but i think we may go back. it was a really nice trip.


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