Friday, July 10, 2009

central park zoo & Met.

myleka came to town on wednesday and stayed over to thursday. it was really fun to hit the UES with her. on wednesday we went to the central park zoo. it was a very nice day to go to the zoo. we got to see all the animals. it was a small zoo, perfect for little ones. penelope really liked it, especially when i let her walk solo (also could be seen as her running away from me and me chasing her.) she did NOT like the petting zoo. apparently she finds goats, sheep and pigs scary. on our way home we stopped by crumbs..mmmm!

penelope and myleka

zoo animals
penelope the turtle

on thursday we went to the met. it was wonderful. the museum is so large and we couldn't see it all, but we got to see the egyptian art, the impressionists and the modern art. we also saw really great fashion/fashion model exhibition. penelope didn't like the museum so much, but she did like the after below!

p at the temple of denur

sarcophagus = buried in STYLE

egyptian necklace. i told bryan i want this for my birthday

these guys can jump. they were performing outside the met and we got front row seats. VERY entertaining.


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  1. My niece is just so dang adorable!! I miss her so much! How are you guys? It sounds like you are having so many fun adventures, I'm jealous! :) Have you made that cupcake recipe you had posted yet?


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