Sunday, January 18, 2009

tahiti vs england.... 10/03/2008

we went to bryan's mission reunion tonight. it was a PARTY and was thinking...i love that bryan went to tahiti! his mission reunions are so much more fun and delicious than any other--they have dancing and raw fish salad and papaya jello stuff and hot chocolate you dip bread into. the best is that there are always bunches of TAHITIANS... straight from tahiti here for general conference. FUN!

also, the mission reunion is very near two little shops that i LOVE!!! one is:

Eliazabeth's bakery and tea shoppe.
575 S. 700 East, slc

they have delicious baked goods and herbal tea--not to mention a wonderful collection of brittish knick-knacks. bryan had to go to a tea shop to do research on a tea pot he is designing, so it worked out wonderfully. try their shortbread or cheese scone... you won't regret it

the next delightful place is located right next door

The London Market
563 S 700 E

shopping list
mcvities penguin cookies
cadbury dairy milk fruit and nut (the biggest size available)
mcvities digestives

this will be enough sweet treats to put bryan & me into a chocolate comma...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! when i went to london with byu study abroad i definitely fell in love with their chocolate(not that i wasn't already in love with it). it's so nice to have a little shop devoted to fresh delicious brittish foods.

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